There is a resume section in the portfolio, this project can be placed in that section.We recommend you save a copy of your resume and bring it home on a flash disk so you can edit the resume and use it when you apply for a job or update your experiences in the future.

A resume is a formal summary of the studentís background, interests, and accomplishments as they relate to future employment or post-secondary education.  The resume is a necessary link between the knowledge and skills acquired in school and the application of that learning in a chosen career path.  The type of resume that is best for the student depends on his/her education, experience, and post-graduation goals. 

All resumes submitted must include the following:

      A format that illustrates your education, skills and abilities so that
an employer can see what is good about you quickly.

      All documents should look professional.

      You are more likely to get the job if you attach your resume and cover
letter to your application.

      Absolutely no spelling or punctuation errors!  Your resume will get

      More information


Resume Sample 1

Resume Sample 2

Resume Sample 3

Resume Sample 4

Resume Sample 5

Resume Rubric

Resume Worksheet

Resume Checklist