Computer Lab Rules


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Having food, drink, or gum other than capped, bottled water at a workstation.

Access, attempt to access, or allow a student access to your or another student’s files.

Violate copyright laws.

Play games without teacher permission.

Log on with someone else’s password without teacher permission.

Damage lab hardware or software.

Use computers or printers for other than school related activity without permission.

Use of a proxy.

Modify or attempt to modify network settings, network software, or network system files.

Access or attempt to access the Internet without teacher permission.

Modify or attempt to modify desktop or system files/system software on a workstation.

Access or attempt to access inappropriate Internet sites.

Open chat lines without permission.

Submit another student’s work as your own.


Unapproved use of printers (black/white & color).

Use the computer or Internet to publish inappropriate material.


Unsupervised use of lab.

Download files from the Internet without teacher permission. For example, but not limited to: .bat, .cmd, .exe, .swf


Book bags are not stored in appropriate room location.

Tampering with equipment at any workstation.


Using a cell phone/MP3 player or headphones without permission.

Continued use after verbal warning

Continued use after loss of computer/parents notified




1 – 1

Verbal Warning

1 – 2

Loss of computer/parents notified

1 – 3

Administrative referral/parents notified/loss of computer

1 – 4

Loss of computer/Drop from the class with grade of F



2 – 1

Administrative referral/parents notified/loss of computer use

2 – 2

Administrative referral/Loss of computer use/Drop from class with grade of F



3 – 1

Administrative referral/parents notified/drop from class with grade of F


Any infractions addressed on the Internet permission forms and in the student handbook will also be dealt with accordingly to district/school policy.  All repair charges resulting from infractions will be billed to the student.

I have read the syllabus, lab usage rules and consequences for Business Math.  I agree to follow the rules.


Student Name (Printed): __________________________________


Student Signature:          __________________________________



Parent Name (Printed): ____________________________________


Parent Signature:          ____________________________________


The Snohomish School District’s Student User Internet Access Release Form that you and a parent or guardian signed contains most of the rules that apply to the computer lab.  In addition, specific to the Computer Labs located in the Business and Technology Department are the following rules:


Food and Drink

Eating or drinking is not allowed in the lab at all.  Food in or out of a container is not allowed in the lab – and must be stored out of sight in a book bag or the equivalent. The exception is water in a sealed container – such as a bottle.


Book Bags

Book bags are not allowed at the computer stations.  Each room has a designated area where you can leave your bags.  Bags represent a safety hazard for both students and the teacher, and must be left in their designated spot.


Workstation Maintenance

You share your workstation with five other students everyday. In order to ensure that each student is able to easily follow along with instructions, all machines must remain the same. Do not make any alterations to the background, desktop, wallpaper, shortcuts or programs in any way.  Inform the teacher immediately if your machine has been altered.


Malicious Acts

Intentional malicious actions to bypass the Snohomish School District’s Network policies will result in immediate disciplinary action, up to and including suspensions, and a revocation of computer privileges. Altering screen orientation, using a login that is not your own, and improper use of shared network drives are examples of acts considered malicious.


The use of proxy servers is a deliberate attempt to bypass both the agreement you and a parent or guardian signed, as well as the Children’s Internet Protection Act, and you may lose computer privileges as part of the consequences.


Cell phone/MP3 Player Usage

To help student learning, our department is not allowing cell phones or mp3 players out during class time.  This will help students stay focused on assignments and improve their learning and understanding of concepts taught in class.


Music and Copyright Law

Check with your teacher in regards to their class rules for listening to music through the computer. It is illegal to use the machines for copying music (ripping and burning). Observe all copyright laws in regards to music and image files.



A chair that is well-designed and appropriately adjusted is an essential element of a safe and productive computer workstation. Each computer lab has been equipped with chairs to promote safe computing. Damaging the chairs through misuse will result in immediate disciplinary action.



No files should be downloaded without teacher permission. This includes but is NOT LIMITED TO .bat, .cmd, .exe, .swf files.


Return this sheet, signed, to your teacher.

I have read the rules and requirements for computer lab usage above, I agree to follow/that my student, will follow these rules, and any departure from the rules will result in disciplinary action which may include revocation of computer use privileges.  I have also read and agree to abide with all the material in the syllabus.






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Student Signature






Print – Parent/Guardian Name



Parent / Guardian Signature



Date:____________________                                                       Best phone number to reach you:  ________________



DUE:                                                                                                      Parents’ email address:   _______________________