Exercises:   So, you want to make a Web Page!

Exercise 1 and 2, Extra Credit, 20 Points, be sure you include somewhere the first 3 digits of your last time and 3 digits of your first name somewhere, to protect your privacy and let me know it is yours.  Email me the link to the website.  For example, “created by smijoh”, for John Smith.

Make a simple page (the "My big ole bad page!" from Lesson 1 will do nicely). Now upload it to either your personal ISP space, the space you've rented on a server, or one of the free web hosts...

(There are dozens of others floating around, but these are the biggies that have been around for a while.)

Uploading your nifty new web page to a web server is often one of the more confusing tasks for the budding web author. There is no easy way to learn except to simply fumble though it the best you can. While the basic principle is the same, specific procedures can vary from person to person and host to host so instructions aimed at one person may actually confuse another. Still, some step by step instruction would be nice, even if it only covers most circumstances. I've put together a piece called Upload Your Pages. It might be of some help.

As I said, this is often a hurdle for people, so we're going to kick it first and kick it hard while we've got the energy. Keep at it until you get it. The goal is to get the page (text only is fine for now) on the Internet and know the URL for it. Don't move on until you've tackled this exercise.

Exercise 2:

Got the page up? Good. Next task is to put an image in that page and get it uploaded as well. You can use the smiley below.