So, you want to make a Web Page!
Lesson 6

adapted from Joe Barta's tutorials at-


If you don't already have one, be sure to create a new folder titled Lesson_06 in your HTML folder

Start by creating another really cool page (don't forget the title)

<title>Lesson 6</title> 
something really cool 

Another occasionally useful tag worth mentioning are section headings. While they're a little old fashioned in today's very graphic web, they are still a handy little thing to have in your toolbox. They come in sizes 1-6.

<h1>Something really cool</h1>  

<h2>Something really cool</h2>  

<h3>Something really cool</h3>  

<h4>Something really cool</h4>  

<h5>Something really cool</h5>  

<h6>Something really cool</h6> 

Something really cool

Something really cool

Something really cool

Something really cool

Something really cool
Something really cool




Go ahead and delete out the H1, H3, and H5 lines of text

A useful heading attribute is align. It's fairly self-explanatory...

<h2 align="left">Something really cool</h2>  

<h4 align="center">Something really cool</h4>  

<h6 align="right">Something really cool</h6>  

Something really cool

Something really cool

Something really cool



Save as: Lesson_06.html in your HTML/Lesson_06 folder



There! You now know just about everything that has to do with manipulating the text in your document. You can now make Big red letters or small bold letters. You can use other Fonts, or monospaced fonts.

You could even make a rollercoaster!


(The markup for the roller coaster and the rainbow is here if you'd like to check it out.)

Before we wrap up this lesson, there's one little thing I want to bring to your attention. You can view the HTML code of any page you happen to be viewing by choosing View/Document Source in your browser. Your browser may word this a little differently, but nearly all browsers have this facility. So, as you surf along and you run into a really neat page and you find yourself thinking "How'd they do that?", the answer may be only a couple clicks away.

Tell you what... have some practice viewing source. View the source of this page and find the secret message. (It's the same secret message that Ralphie decoded in A Christmas Story.)


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