Before you begin...


Create a pen & paper plan of what you what your web pages to look like (click here for a rough plan EXAMPLE of the Super Big Project). This will be very beneficial in creating your site




  1. 4 page site (minimum)


  1. All pages must have an IDENTICAL navigation bar - users should be able to get TO all pages FROM all pages (use a table for your nav-bar)


  1. Make sure all pages have titles ("labels" would be good as well)


  1. The maximum width of any page (and they should all be the same) should be 760 pixels (try to stay somewhere in the neighborhood of 750 to 760) - you'll need to use tables to accomplish this.


  1. The "Homepage" must be saved as "index.html"


  1. Make the Homepage cool and interesting - this is where your users/viewers "meet" your site (some images, some info...) - make people want to stay and check things out; let the viewer know where he/she is, what the site is about, and why he/she would want to browse.


  1. One of your pages MUST include a photo gallery: use image thumbnails as links to save space (6-8 pics would be good) - make sure the thumbnails link to LARGER versions of the thumbnail image


  1. Show off your table-making skills (colspan, rowspan, nested tables, etc...)


  1. Include "footer information" at the bottom of each page: name of site, contact info, etc...


  1. Other "must haves" cool background colors and images


  1. at least one email link


  1. examples of bold, underlined, and italicized text


  1. examples of different font faces, sizes, and colors


  1. use of blockquote tags


  1. examples of different link colors. (For example, put <body alink=”black” vlink=”blue” link=”yellow”>

LINK which sets the color of links you haven't followed

VLINK which sets the color of links you have followed

ALINK which sets the color of links as you click on them


  1. examples of Heading tags


  1. examples of paragraph and line breaks


  1. examples of things aligned to the left, center, right


  1. at least 1 animated GIF (it should be RELEVANT to your site)


  1. some external links - cool sites you like to visit (can be text links or image links)


  1. at least one example of a blank_target
    A blank target just opens a new window when a hyperlink is selected.  The code is:
    <A HREF="http://newwindow.html" TARGET="_blank">a new window</A>


  1. some examples of alt text (with images)


*Be sure to put some thought into both the DESIGN aspect of your site (how things look and feel: colors, spacing, alignments, fonts, placements, etc...) and also to USER FRIENDLINESS: (easy to navigate, easy to read/view, people know where they are at any given time - "labeled" pages, no unnecessary scrolling and/or clicking to get to info, etc...)


Store all of you files for this assignment in a folder titled "lastname, firstname super big project" (Inside the super big projects folder in the share drive).  Be sure to back up on your drive.


Click HERE for the grading rubric.